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Strand Lighting CADENZA EP2000W, Effects Projection, Effektlaufwerk, Wolkenprojektor, Optical projector and effects, VSFX Effects Drive Unit, Starlette 2000w

Strand Lighting CADENZA EP2000W, Cadenza EP, For Patt 252 or Cadenza EP, 2kW Cadenza EP Projector, Cadenza EP + Effektlaufwerk, Cadenza EP Effects, Cadenza EP Adjustable Mask, CADENZA 2000w, Cadenza EP 3 Lens, Projector EP Strand 2000w, 2500w Effects Projector, Effects Projection, Strand Cadenza 2000W effects projector, Cadenza 12/22 2000W zoom profile, Cadenza EP VSFX 90, Strand Cadenza EP  Wolkenprojektor 2, CCT Starlette projector, VSFX Drive Unit, Cadenza EP Divertor Mirror, Cadenza EP 2.5" Lens, OPTICAL PROJECTOR AND EFFECTS, Starlette 2500/2000W optical effects, Cadenza 9/15 (Strand Lighting), Cadenza 19/32 2000W zoom profile, VSFX Effects Drive Unit, Starlette 2500/2000W Optical Effects Projector, 2000w Optical Effects Projector, Strand Cadenza EP 2000w Effects, Cadenza EP 2000W, Starlette Effects Projector, Cadenza - EP - Studio / Stage, VSFX Effects Disk, Cadenza 9/15, Starlette 2kW Pebble, Cadenza-EP-Effects-Projector, Cadenza-EP-VSFX-Combo, Cadenza EP 2K, Cadenza 12/22, Starlette 2kW Fresnel, Toccata EP 2K, Optical Projector and Effects, Starlette 2kW Fresnel & Pebble, Starlette 2kW Reflector, Cadenza 19/32, Fleecy Cloud Effects Disc, Rain FX, Profile / Zoomspot, TOCCATA EP, Effects Projection & Animation Discs, Optical Projector and Effects, Storm Cloud Effects Disc, Flame FX, CADENZA 2000w 19/32 PROFILE COMPLETE, VSFX-FLEECY, Strand Patt 252 2000W effects projector (requires lens and disc), Optical Projector and Effects, Thunder Cloud Effects Disc, Fleecy Cloud FX, CADENZA 2000w 12/22 PROFILE COMPLETE, VSFX-STORM, Strand Cadenza 2000W effects projector (requires lens and disc), Starlette 2500/2000W Optical Effects Projector, Rain Effects Disc, Storm Cloud FX, CADENZA 2000w FRESNEL FIXTURE COMPLETE, VSFX-SNOW, Short throw lens for effects projector (6.5cm), Effects Case and VSFX Driver, Snow Effects Disc, Psychodelic FX, CADENZA 2000w PC FIXTURE COMPLETE, VSFX-RAIN, Medium throw lens for effects projector (8cm), Fleecy Cloud Effects Disc Only, Running Water Effects Disc with Breakup, Snow FX, Projector 252 Strand 2000w, VSFX-FIRE, Long throw lens for effects projector (10cm), Stormy Cloud Effects Disc Only, Smoke Effects Disc with Breakup, Running Water FX, Projector EP Strand 2000w, MASK PLATE, Extra long throw lens for effects projector (15cm), Thunder Cloud Effects Disc Only, Flame Effects Disc with Breakup, Sea Wave FX, 2.5 LENS, Effects Projector adjustable mask plate, Smoke Effects Disc Only, 6.5cm Objective Lens, Underwater FX, 3 LENS, Variable angle beam divertor for Effects Projector, Rain Effects Disc Only, 10cm Objective Lens, Dissolving Colour FX, 4-LENS, Effects Projector slide carrier for 3 1/4" (83mm) square glass slides, Snow Effects Disc Only, 15cm Objective Lens, 2kW Patt 252 Projector, 2K TUBULAR RIPPLE, Rainbow slide for Effects Projector, Flame Effects Disc Only, Adjustable Mask, 2kW Cadenza EP Projector, 2500w Effects Projector Selects Lens and Disc, Fleecy cloud effects disc for Effects Projector, Running Water Effects Disc Only, Aniмation Disc, 2.5 Lens for FX, Variable speed motor & Fleecy Cloud Disc, Storm cloud effects disc for Effects Projector, 6.5cm Objective Lens, 3 Lens for FX, Variable speed motor  Storm Cloud Disc, Rain effect disc for Effects Projector, 10cm Objective Lens, 4 Lens for FX, Variable speed motor & Falling Snow Disc, Flame effect disc for Effects Projector, 15cm Objective Lens, 6 Lens for FX, Variable speed motor Falling Rain Disc, Snow effect disc for Effects Projector, Adjustable Mask, Adjustable Mask for FX, Variable speed motor & Rising Flames Disc, Up down sea wave effect disc for Effects Projector, Diverter Mirror, 2kW Tubular Ripple FX, RIPPLE2K, ADJMASK, 5LENS, RAINFX, FLAME, FLEECY, STORM, PSYCHO, SNOW FX, WATER, SEAWAVE, Adjustable Shutter Plate For Cadenza EP, UNDWATER, DISCOL, PATT252, CADENZAEP, 2.5LENS, 3LENS, 4LENS, Wide angle Lens (Throw details available), Chromosphere effect disc for Effects Projector, Strand Effect Disc, Medium angle Lens (Throw details available), Dissolving colour effect disc for Effects Projector, Whitelight VSFX Unit, Narrow angle Lens (Throw details available), Cadenza 12/22 2000W zoom profile - variable angle from 12 to 22, 2000w Rippling Water Effect, EFFECTS PROJECTION, Cadenza 19/32 2000W zoom profile - variable angle from 19 to 32, Strand Alto fresnel 2000W - variable beam angle from 7 to 62, STRAND LIGHTING cadenza ep2000w, Cadenza ep, PATT 252 OR CADENZA ep, 2Kw CADENZA ep projector. Strand Lighting CADENZA EP2000W, Cadenza EP, For Patt 252 or Cadenza EP, 2kW Cadenza EP Projector, Cadenza EP + Effektlaufwerk, Cadenza EP.






Glass effects disc for VSFX Storm Cloud, STUDIO THEATRE, Profiles 2kW Strand Cadenza 12/22, Fresnels 2kW Strand Cadenza F, driving snow, A lens is required to focus the moving image onto the desired projection surface. A range of lenses are available to suit different throws. Effects Projectors 2.5kW Strand Tocatta EP, Effects disc Fleecy clouds, The VSFX-90 drive unit consists of a spun aluminium case fitted with a turntable backplate allowing an effect to be rotated 360 degrees about the optical axis of the effects projector. Slide Carrier. A wide range of glass effect discs are available. The standard range of discs includes storm and fleecy clouds, flames, smoke and several new cloud designs. A wide range of more esoteric, older designs (including ghosts, planets, stars light, falling leaves) are available and custom discs can be created if required. VSFX drive units will also accept disks from older Strand Lighting Pattern 252 moving effects without any modification. A glass effect disc is fitted inside the case and rim-driven, ensuring compatability with existing effect discs from the older Strand Patt 252 projectors range and Strand Lighting CADENZA EP2000W. This adaptor allows Source Four fixed focus lenses to be used in place of the standard VSFX-90 lenses. This can be particularly useful if an image is to be used in sharp focus, or if the projector's throw will alter regularly but a range of Source Four lenses are available - for example, with effects projected from the circle front on a tour. Alternatively, the 5 degree and 10 degree lenses can be useful if the effect has to be projected over a long throw. stormy clouds, The Wave FX is similar to the VSFX, but creates linear ripple type effects, for creating waves or effects such as fluttering flags, thunder clouds, rain, Glass effects disc for VSFX Running Water. The slide carrier fits to the front of an effects projector in place of a VSFX drive unit, and allows the projection of 3.25"x3.25" slides. The standard VSFX lenses (or the adaptor allowing Source Four lenses) can be used. snow, running water, smoke, vsfx lenses, fire, Strand Prelude profiles and fresnels, effects units and projectors, subject to availability on receipt of a lighting plan. Profiles 1.2kW Strand Cantata 11/26, falling rain, profiles 1.2kW Strand Optique 15/42, VSFX Vapour Trail drive and disk cased, Profiles 650W Strand Prelude 16/30, VSFX Fleecy cloud effect drive and disk cased, flickering fire, effects units and projectors. This adaptor allows Source Four fixed focus lenses to be used in place of the standard VSFX lenses. This can be particularly useful if an image is to be used in sharp focus or over a long throw. 252 Rotator Black, Starlette EP, VSFX Storm cloud effect drive and disc cased, flat field projector, Starlette Optical Effects Projector Z0070, Strand Lighting Cadenza EP, CCT Lighting Starlette EP, White Light VSFX, VSFX-90, PATTERN 252, vsfx 90, projections, Cadenza F 2kw Fresnel, patt252, cadenza f, a tempestuous storm, Starlette Effects Projector Z0070, 252 Rotator Silver, 15cm Lens, rippling water, Strand Lighting Pattern 252 EP, Glass effects disc for VSFX Star,Glass effects disc for VSFX Dissolving Colour, Glass effects disc for VSFX-90 Snow, Glass effects disc for VSFX Snow, standard VSFX system, white Light vsfx-90, gently moving summer clouds, 10cm Lens, Tubular Ripple Effect, 6.5cm Lens. The FX/DMX unit allows VSFX-90 or Wave FX drive units to be controlled directly from a DMX512 control signal. The unit is designed to be bolted to the side of a VSFX or Wave FX housing. It features 5-pin XLRs for DMX In and Out, and a 4-pin XLR which connects to the VSFX-90 drive unit. The FX/DMX receives its power from the VSFX 90 drive unit itself, minimising the amount of cabling required. ToccataEP, 5 EP LENS, 2,5 EP LENS, Toccata 2500w Effects Projector, glass effect disc, 4 EP LENS, 4,5 EP LENS, 3 EP LENS, Starlette ep, objective lens, Suitable for 252 and VSFX units, 15A plug and lamp, Snow Disk Suitable for 252 and VSFX units, Cadenza EP 120v 2000w GY16  45cta 30-0-50 Made in UK Strand Lighting, Glass effects disc for VSFX Psychedelic, VSFX drive unit, Isolate luminaire from all poles of mains supply before opening. Glass effects disk for VSFX Vapour Trail, Glass effects disc for VSFX Skeleton, wave FX, Leuchte vor dem Offnen allpolig vom Netz irennen, snow disk suitable for 252 and VSFX units, Intergral barn doors, snow disk suitable for 252 and vsfx units, Cadenza Effects projector, CCT 2kw Effects Projector, 2.5'' (6.5cm) lens for effects projector, Double Slide Carrier for Effects Projector, Beam Divertor Mirror for Effects Projector, 4'' (10cm) lens for effects projector, 6'' (15cm) lens for effects projector, CCT 2.5kw Effects projector, VSFX Flame effect drive and disk cased, snow disk suitable for 252 and vsfx-90 units, VSFXanalogue, WaveFX, Small Intergral barn doors, The front of the casing contains a double runner. The front runner is normally used for the objective lens, while the rear runner can contain colour or accessories such as an adjustable mask, used to cut an image to a particular shape. A safety retaining spring secures the lens as the effect is rotated, 252 Lighting Effect, Strand Lighting 252 Passing Train Effect, Strand Lighting 252 Rotator, effectdisc, VSFX-90 units also offer direct DMX512 control, with 5-pin XLR DMX In and Out connectors. STRAND ELECTRIC, p52withdisc, Glass effects disk for VSFX Vapour Trail, Distance from projected image, Width of image projected, RANK STRAND, Rank Strand Electric, The speed and direction of the movement can be controlled in exactly the same way as with VSFX, either manually using the speed and direction switches on the side of the unit or remotely through a 0-10V control signal. Older VSFX-90 (Moving Effects Attachments, patt252, 252 Lighting Effect, 252 rotator)  units can have their speed and direction remotely controlled using an analogue 0-10V signal, or can be coverted to DMX control using the FX/DMX adaptor which bolts to the side of the VSFX housing, is powered from the VSFX drive unit and has 5-pin XLRs for DMX In and Out. Direct control using DMX512 is possible with the FX/DMX controller. A Division of Rank Audio Visual Limited, Patt 252 2000W Tungsten Halogen Effects Projector, VSFX Drive Unit with on-board DMX control, Optical System, Application, Specification Lamphouse, Condenser Lens, Fork, Lampholder, Runners, Reflector, Finish, Lamp, Mounting Accessories, storm clouds, Vsfx accessories , Moving Effects Attachments, Chromosphere Kinetic, Wave FX is compatible with the same range of projectors as the standard VSFX-90, and with the same range of accessories. Psychedelic Kinetic, Objective Lenses for Effects Attachments, Pattern 252, cct Lighting, VSFX 90 animation discs- rain, VSFX Running water effect drive and disk cased, Box Ripple for EPs Drive and disk cased, VSFX drive unit empty needs glass disk, Glass effects disc for VSFX Flame, Glass effects disc for VSFX Fleecy Cloud, Adjustatble mask for effects projector, 2.5'' (6.5cm) lens for effects projector, 3''(8cm) lens for effects projector, adjustatble mask effects projector, Strand Lighting 252 Lighting Effect, snow disk suitable for 252 and VSFX-90 units, suitable for 252 and vsfx units, snow disk suitable for 252 and VSFX-90 units, Strand Patt 252, CCT Starlette FX, CCT Starlette F 2K, Strand Toccata 10/26, Strand Toccata 15/38, Modelbox Strand Cadenza 9/15, Modelbox Strand Cadenza 11/22, Strand Cadenza 19/32, Modelbox Strand Cadenza EP, Strand Cadenza F, Theatre Projects SS 2529/2 P252, VSFX System, VSFX effect discs, White Lights VSFX Optical Effect System, Vsfx system, Vsfx discs, VSFX Optical Effect System, Wave FX is similar to VSFX but creates linear ripple type effects for creating waves or effects, Wave FX replaces the VSFX glass discs for water, fire, storm with moving break-up glass, driven up and down through the Wave FX projection aperture. glass disks effect, When used with a suitable projector an enormous range of wave type effects are possible, including rippling water but also effects like fluttering flags. VSFX-90 drive units compatible with Strand Lighting CADENZA EP2000W and Pattern 252 EP and the CCT Starlette Optical Effects Projector. Diverter Mirror. The diverter mirror fits to the front of the standard VSFX-90 range of lenses, allowing the projected image to be directed in angles that might not normally be possible. The most common use of the mirror is to divert a projected image downwards onto the stage floor (most effects projectors cannot point straight down), though they can also be used to project onto a cyclorama if space is tight and the projector has to be rigged 'sideways on' to the cyc. The mirror can be rotated around the axis of the lens, and the angle of the mirror can be set. Adjustable Mask. The adjustable mask contains four blades which can be individually set to alter the outer shape of the projected image. This allows a projection to be cut inside a proscenium arch or to the top of a cyclorama, for example. The adjustable mask fits behind the lens, in the rear slot of the VSFX-90 drive unit. Source Four Lens Adaptor. Cadenza EP VSFX 90 (0-10V), Effects Discs Fleecy Cloud, Storm Cloud, Thunder Cloud, Rain, Snow, Vapor Trail, Flame, Chromatrope, Psychedelic, Galaxy. Cadenza EP 2.5" Lens, Cadenza EP 3" Lens, Cadenza EP 3.5" Lens, Cadenza EP 4" Lens, Cadenza EP 4.5" Lens, Cadenza EP 5" Lens, Cadenza EP 5.5" Lens, Cadenza EP 6" Lens, 6" Dallmayer Lens, Cadenza EP Adjustable Mask, Cadenza EP Divertor Mirror, Box Ripple Effect, Adjustable Mask Plate, Glass Slide Carrier, cadenza ep patt 252 cadenza, ep 2kw cadenza ep projector, Cadenza PC 2KW, VSFX c/w Onboard DMX, Patt 252 EP, 252 Rotator Green, Psychadelic Mk II Disk, Storm Disk, Strand 252 Passing Train Manual Effects, Strand 252 Lightning Manual Effect. Effects Scene Projection, Cadenza EP A  Effects Projector, EFFECT DISC ONLY FLEECY CLOUD, EFFECT DISC ONLY STORM CLOUD, EFFECT DISC ONLY THUNDER CLOUD, EFFECT DISC ONLY RAIN, EFFECT DISC ONLY SNOW, EFFECT DISC ONLY RUNNING WATER, EFFECT DISC ONLY SMOKE, EFFECT DISC ONLY FLAME, The Strand Archive, with clouds and special effects created with a White Light VSFX90 disc machine, a Strand Cadenza EP 2kW projector, CADENZA What 2000 watt, Objective Lenses for above, 6.5cm (2.5 inch) focal length, 7.5cm (3 inch) focal length, 10cm (4 inch) focal length, The projection of moving effects, such as clouds or flames, or the projection of scenery require a more elaborate condenser lens optical system and an objective lens chosen to complete the picture to the size required. Scene projection from large-format photographic or hand-painted slides can provide scenic effects unobtainable any other way. Patt.252, 2000W CP/53 Halogen lamp. P.40 Base, 150mm diameter 3-element condenser lens, 400mm length. 16.5kg excluding objective lens. Moving Effects, 475mm diameter case, 205mm backplate. Thunder Clouds, Fleecy Clouds, Storm Clouds, Rain, Snow, Running Water, Smoke, Flames, Dissolving Colour, Chromosphere, Psychedelic. EFFECT DISC HOUSING VARI SPEED DMX, The Cadenza EP is designed to take a motorised effect disc to produce realistic optical effects such as flames and clouds. A lens of the required focal length must be selected according to throw distance and size of image desired. TOCCATA 2.5kW E/PROJECTOR, EFFECT PROJECTOR LENS 10cm 4", EFFECT PROJECTOR LENS 6.5cm 2.5", EFFECT PROJECTOR SLIDE CARRIER, EFFECT PROJECTOR BEAM DIVERTER MIRROR, EFFECT PROJECTOR ADJUSTABLE MASK PLATE, EFFECT PROJECTOR LENS 15cm 6".  Toccata 2500w Effects Projectors are used to give true projection of moving clouds, rain & flames in addition to slide projection and gives professional results over a variety of throw distances. In addition to the Toccata EP Effects Projector & Effects Disk a lens is required to produce the correct size or coverage of image. Toccata EP 2500w Projector, Projector Unit,cadensa, toccata. EP 2kw cadenza ep projector, GH07 Stand Cadenza/Alto A size, GH36 Strand Cadenza/Alto B size, 252 Slide Carrier (incomplete), Storm Cloud Disk & Varispeed VSFX, 2.5" Lens for FX, 3" Lens for FX, 4" Lens for FX, 6" Lens for FX, Cadenza EP A Effects Projector, Starlette 2000/2500W Optical Effects Projector, This projector can be used with all standard disc and box effects, as well as a slide carrier for scenic projection. Construction is from aluminum extrusion and sheet steel. A unique feature is the internal lens mounting plates which are individually Keyed to make certain the lenses, which can be removed for cleaning, are replaced correctly. Safety features include a mechanical interlock which prevents the opening of the lamp change lid until power is removed. A spring loaded lug  is positioned to securely retain an effect or slide carrier. The illuminated area of an effect can be trimmed by a rear mounted knob The G22 lampholder will accept either 2000W or 2500W lamps. Effects case VSFX drive unit, EP - Cadenza HC + SC + ML, Manufacturer Strand Lighting Ltd, 2Kw effects projector used in conjunction with a large glass effects disc to create a moving image on stage such as rising flames, falling rain / snow, moving clouds etc.Patt 252 Cadenza and Toccata EP lenses. Starlette 2500w FX Projector, CCT Lighting Ltd, VSFX effects disc, Objective lens 6.5cm, Objective lens 15cm, Objective lens 10cm, Effects case & VSFX drive unit.  Strand 252 2Kw, Effect Wheel, Strand Cadenza 2Kw, Strand Cadenza EP 2KW Effects Projector. The Cadenza Effects Projector from Strand Lighting is a powerful 2000 watt fixture which set new standards for optical performance and beam quality. These fixtures are often used in conjunction with effects equipment such as VSFX animation wheel or slide system. The mounting system it features was found on the Patt 252 projector and is now found on the Toccata EP fixture which replaced the Cadenza EP in Strand Lighting’s product lineup a few years ago. The VSFX-90 system or glass animation wheels. The Cadenza EP produces the projectors with custom-tailored disk on device of the engine White Light s VSFX. Adjustable Mask (cadenza). LIGHTING EFFECTS. CCT Starlette 2kw. RAINFX FLAME FLEECY STORM PSYCHO SNOW FX WATER SEAWAVE UNDWATER DISCOL PATT252 CADENZAEP 2.5LENS 3LENS 4LENS 5LENS ADJMASK RIPPLE2K PANIBP. Rain FX Flame FX Fleecy Cloud FX Storm Cloud FX Psychodelic FX Snow FX Running Water FX Sea Wave FX Underwater FX Dissolving Colour FX 2kW Patt 252 Projector 2kW Cadenza EP Projector 2.5" Lens for FX 3" Lens for FX 4" Lens for FX 6" Lens for FX Adjustable Mask for FX 2kW, Effects Projector 2kW Strand Cadenza EP, Effect Disc Fleecy,  clouds, Projectors Effect Strand, Strand Effect Disc Flame to suit Patt 252 Effects Projector Rotator, Strand Effect Disc Psychedelic to suit Patt 252 Effects Projector Rotator Strand Effect Disc Storm Cloud to suit Patt 252 Effects Projector Rotator, Strand Patt 252 EP 10.0cm Objective Lens, Strand Patt 252 EP 15cm Objective Lens, Strand Patt 252 EP 2.5" Objective Lens, Strand Patt 252 EP 4" Objective Lens, Strand Patt 252 EP 6.5cm Objective Lens, Strand Patt 252 EP Adjustable Mask, Strand Patt 252 EP Diverter Mirror, Strand Patt 252 EP Slide Carrier, Strand Patt 252 Effects Rotator Unit Does not include Disc, Strand Patt 252 Effects Rotator Unit c/w Flame Disc, Strand Patt 252 Effects Rotator Unit c/w Fleecy Cloud Disc & Flightcase, Strand Patt 252 Effects Rotator Unit c/w Storm Cloud Disc, Strand Patt 252 Effects Rotator Unit c/w Storm Cloud Disc & Flightcase, Strand Patt 252 2000 watt Effects projector c/w fitted 15 amp Plug, Strand Patt 252 Effects projector c/w Heavy Duty Hook Clamp & 15 amp Plug, Strand Toccata EP Effects Projector c/w Lamp. VSFX Storm cloud effect drive and disc cased, Box Ripple for EP's - Drive and disk cased, VSFX drive unit empty needs glass disk, Série PATT252, The VSFX90 and the Ripple Machine, and newer developments like the Wave FX. VSFX 90 Moving Disc Effect, c/w Adj. Mask & Lens. Other effects available on request Tubular Ripple 2000w.Flame Effect Silk, Fire/Flames FX Disc & Motor, Fleecy Cloud FX Disc & Motor, Rain FX Disc & Motor, Snow FX Disc & Motor, Storm Clouds FX Disc & Motor, Water FX Disc & Motor, Lens 2.5 inch, Lens 3 inch, Lens 4 inch, Cadenza F 2kw Fresnel Lantern, Cadenza A family of 2kW lanterns manufactured by Strand Lighting the family includes profiles a fresnel a P.C. and an effects projector. Starlette A family of lanterns manufactured by C.C.T. Lighting the family includes fresnels and P.C.s in 1kW, 2kW and 2.5kW ratings, as well as 1kW floods and an effects projector. Opti 4 Slide Change Unit.  Optical Moving Efftcts for Patt 252, Cadenza, Toccata or Starlette projectors. The VSFX and Wave FX is available for sale.It offers the complete range of speed and can be remotely controlled by + or – 10V. VSFX Optical Effects. VSFX DMX Optical Effects. Wave FX Optical Effect. The WaveFX gives the ability to distort a 31/4" slide to create the impression of movement. Traditionally used to create the effect of moving waves and water, it can also be used to make a flag flutter in the breeze. NB These effects, in common with all motorised units, should not be run from a dimmer. The motor should be connected to a 240V independent supply and must be running before the lamp is powered up to avoid damage to the glass. This damage may be charged for Patt 252 effects projector 2000W, Cadenza effects projector 2000W, Starlette effects projector 2000/2500W, Toccata effects projector 2000/2500W. Slide carrier for 31/4" x 31/4" slides. Prism Spinner. VARI-SPEED OPTICAL EFFECT. The VSFX has been designed to conform to the EN605982-17 safety standard and carries the CE mark for Low Voltage Directive and EMC compliance. The VSFX is designed to mount onto the front of a suitable projector luminaire. To provide a secondary method of suspension always fit a wire safety bond to the clip on the front of the effect and secure it to a suitable rigid point. Weight VSFX-90 11kg with disc, excluding lens and adjustable mask. VSFX unit operates from a 230VAC 50Hz independent supply. Under no circumstances should it be connected to a dimmer circuit. An internal fuse is fitted, 20mm x 5mm T1A. Disconnect the supply before removing the cover. The VSFX must always be running when the projector is turned on.To fit the glass effect disc, the three screws securing the circular case should be removed and the case opened. Remove the large knob and fit the disc onto the rubber-sleeved shaft, on top of the large flat rubber washer. Replace and tighten down the knob to retain the disc. Replace the circular case. No centre boss is used with this new drive system. Any disc from the Potters Wheel type effect may be used if the original centre boss is first removed. Some effects, namely Flame, Smoke, and Running Water require the use of an acrylic break-up. To fit this break-up, the disc must first be removed. Loosen the break-up retaining clip and slide down. Remove the backing paper from the break-up and place back to back with the plain glass piece. Slide into the slots with the break-up uppermost and the glass facing the exterior of the case. Slide back the retaining clip and fasten in place. Replace the disc and case. The unit VSFX-90 has two slots in the front to accept a lens unit, and optionally, an adjustable mask. Whatever is fitted here, the sprung safety retaining clip must be used. The green data led indicates if DMX is being received. It will not light if the data is not DMX. The data led will flash if the channel switches are out of range (set to address 0 or between 513-599). 3 rotary style selection switches for setting both local and DMX control modes. DMX XLR5, Pin1=Shield, Pin2=Data-, Pin3=Data+, Pins 4&5 not connected. Setting the “hundreds” switch to 6 disables DMX and allows the units forward speed to be set manually from 0-99 by the “tens” and “ones”switches, with 99 being full speed. To prevent burning of the image on the glass effect disc, minimum rotation speed is approximately achieved at a speed setting of 17. Setting the “hundreds” switch to 7 is the same thing but in the other direction. The speed is the same as a DMX channel set at that level. Plug your DMX cable into the XLR5 DMX IN connector. A DMX THRU connector is also provided, directly linked to the input. If no further devices are to be connected to the DMX line the THRU connector should have a 120R DMX termination plug connected. The start address set by the 3 rotary switches with valid start addresses being 1 –511. The start address set on the interface controls the speed of the effect, from slowest at 0% to fastest at 100%. The next channel (start address +1) controls the direction of movement, changing direction at approximately 50%. Setting the switches to 801 and then re-powering up will set the unit into one channel operation forward. The direction is now fixed and the second DMX channel will have no effect. On power up the data and power LED's will blink to confirm the mode change and the data led will flash as the switches are then out of range. You can now set them to the required DMX start address. Setting the switches to 901 is the same but in the opposite direction. Setting the switches to 000 on power up will put the unit back to the default two channel operation. The drive unit power and data LEDs will sequence four times at power-up when set in single channel mode, so always check for this if direction can not be changed by DMX. Modelbox Strand Patt 252, Strand Lighting Euro Template Effects Projector, Effects of this type consist of lantern, effect attachment and objective lens (see figure on right). Stationery slides require a normal slide carrier and turntable front instead of an effect attachment. Slides for the Pattern Scene Projector are to special order only and can be provided as black and white or colour photographs. These slides can be made in such a way that distortion through acute angular projections can be corrected. A special slide carrier (ref.516) can be used to change five slides remotely from ref.383 control box. Please state voltage and frequency of supply if other than 200/250 volt 50 cycles when ordering equipment fitted with motors. Pattern with effects disc and objective lens in position. The effect has been rotated by means of turntable to give downward diagonal direction to the projected effect. Disc housing. Turntable casting. Colour (or mask) and objective runners. Objective lens. Objective lens retained spring. Motor housing. Pattern Optical Effects Projector (1kW) Patt.152 High Intensity Effects and Scene Projector (2kW) with ref.262 special stand, prefocus lampholder, silent motor blower and anti-surge limiter. Patt 152/H : As above but with ref.511 special hanging bracket Patt 152BP : As Patt 152 above but with Bipost holder for 110v. 4kW lamp Patt 152BP/H : As Patt 152BP above but with ref.511 hanging bracket. Ref 522 : 220/250v. input, 4kVA output at 110v, class H insulation transformer Ref 262 : Special stand (in addition to hanging bracket) Ref 511 : Special hanging bracket (in addition to stand). Optical Effects Projectors accessories. Effects Projector Lens Sizes. DISTANCE FROM PROJECTOR. Lenses for animated effects projectors are available in four sizes (2.5”/3”/4”/6”). It is important to select a lens that will give the required image size based on the distance of the projector from the projection surface (throw).

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